Principal's Corner

Principal Kristi L. Anderson

December 2016/January 2017

The first half of the school year has flown by and what a first half it has been! We have seen many positive things happening at REMJHS and, as is always expected, we have experienced many challenges that we are tackling head-on.
We began our year short-staffed and despite the best efforts of our district's Human Resource Director, we were unable to secure highly qualified teachers to fill our vacancies.

With the best interest of our students at heart, we made significant schedule changes in our math, science, and English classes in an effort to ensure that EVERY child at Ronald E. McNair Junior High School had a highly qualified, certified teacher providing daily instruction. Our staff and our students have responded positively to the changes and I am confident that they will result in greater and better learning opportunities for our students.

Now, we look toward the second half of the school year with great enthusiasm. We'll celebrate the legacy of Dr. Ronald E. McNair next month, celebrate our student athletes with a banquet in February, host a college day in March, a spring Family Night to highlight the projects our students completed this year, and a Literacy Night to promote reading.

Please join and support me & my staff as we hurtle into the second half of the school year with the same enthusiasm we began with this year!


November 2016

The 2016-2017 school year is off to a fabulous start. We recognize that we have a long way to go academically for many of our students, but the faculty and staff of Panther New Tech @ Ronald E. McNair Junior High School are making great strides in building a culture that reflects our pillars of TRUST, RESPECT, & RESPONSBILITY. 
As we move forward into the school year, I would love to the see parents and the community visit and become more involved in the school. We have opportunities for parent volunteers and are actively seeking business partnerships that can assist us with our endeavors in project and problem based learning.

I want the community, parents, and students to understand that Ronald E. McNair Junior High School is THEIR school and that their involvement and voice in what we do day to day is what will ultimately help us rebrand this school and make it into the flagship school for the district.
My administration and I are always available to meet with members of the community who want to help us advance our mission and vision.