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Debra McKnight, Area Three Representative (Scranton)

           Ronald E. McNair Junior High School Celebrates School Board Recognition Month

Ronald E. McNair Junior High School will join with other schools and districts throughout the state and nation to celebrate School Board Recognition Month in January. There are more than 600 locally-elected and appointed school board members throughout the state that will be recognized by the schools and communities they serve for their dedication to public education.

The theme "School Boards Stand Up 4 SC Public Schools" recognizes the important roles school boards play in promoting and advocating for quality education. School board members are elected/appointed by the people in their local communities to represent their voice and to ensure the success of schools and students.

"Most people fail to recognize the importance of the local school board in impacting education," says Ronald E. McNair Principal, Kristi L. Anderson. "Teachers are in the trenches every day working closely with students and families, but school board members make what we do possible. They ensure that we have the facilities and people to bring a quality education to every school-age child in our community. Our board members are challenged to craft policies and make tough decisions on educational and social issues that will have ripple effects for years--possibly decades-- to come. They are the most-forward thinking individuals in our education system."

Ronald E. McNair Junior High School would like to specifically recognize Mrs. Debra McKnight for the contributions she has made in her service as the representative for District Three (Scranton) within Florence County School District Three. She  has served as a board member since 2014.