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     Dr. McNair went to a segregated, all black high school. When he graduated as valedictorian he was offered a scholarship by the state of South Carolina. It had an unusual stipulation; his choice of schools must be outside the state.
     He selected North Carolina Agricultural and Technology State University for his degree in physics. After receiving his degree with many honors he was accepted for the doctoral program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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    This school is still used in Dr. McNair's hometown. It became Lake City Junior High School when integration took hold and students of Carver High and J. Paul Truluck High combined in Lake City High.

      The school became Ronald E. McNair Junior High to honor him and then later the student body changed and it was renamed
Ronald E. McNair Middle School.

    During the tenure of Gloria Graham Boyd as principal many murals were added to the halls and common rooms of the school. The shot at right is from one of them. They were done by Barney Slice.


Carver High School


North Carolina A&T State University


     Dr. McNair graduated Magna Cum Laude from this university with a B.S. in physics. The logo is a link and these are other interesting areas of their site.

Ron McNair Scholars

"Eye on America" with Greg Gumbel

University Galleries

     Lasers  were the focus of doctoral research for Ron McNair during his years at MIT.

Professorship for astronautics will honor alumnus Ron McNair, who died in the 1986 Challenger explosion.

Ron McNair Scholars Program

YouTube video of MIT sketching.


 Massachusetts Institute of Technology