Reach for the Stars

patriotic lapel ribbon Ronald E. McNair, Hometown Hero


      Ronald E. McNair Junior High School in Lake City, South Carolina is in the school building where Dr. McNair went to high school. It was a different time and it had a different name, Carver High School.

     This is a small, rural, Southern town.  How do you become an astronaut from here?
      We hope to answer that question in the next few pages. The menu at the right gives you 4 places to start.
     One page gives you a view of the times in which he grew up. You will look at the social and educational attitudes of those years.
Another will look at our school then and now; it also gives links to his two universities, North Carolina A&T State University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. NCAT is a predominantly black university in the south. MIT is an exclusive, highly competitive northern university. How did these help mold him?
The third will look at the wonder of space. How this influenced his later choices and the legacy he left behind.
We are also providing a page with activities to see what you have learned.
      After viewing all of the starred links your group will choose 5 questions from the list linked here and follow the directions to create an interview based on the information you have discovered.

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