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311 Carver Street,  Lake City  SC  29560

Arriving on 378, 378 bypass or 341:

  • From the west turn right on 52 (McNair Blvd.) then follow the directions in #2.
  • From the east turn left on 52 and follow the directions in #2.
  1. Arriving from the south on 52 (McNair Blvd.) turn on Moore Street Extension to the left (There is a SavWay on the corner) and take the first right hand road (Carver Street). The school is about 2 blocks on your right. There is parking in front of the building for visitors.
  2. Arriving from the north on 52 (McNair Blvd.) turn to the right on Morris Street (SC 36). You will pass a school on your right and Ward Memorial Stadium. Carver is the second street on the left from that point. The school is about 3 blocks on the left. Please use the visitor parking at the front.

Car-rider pick-up and drop-off is accessible from 52 also. You will turn on Thomas Street next to CVS on the corner and follow the signs on the left (after a block) to the gate which is open at the appropriate times of day, but is locked otherwise.